Can You Meal Prep Fried Eggs? (Read Before Prepping!)

We get it. The struggle with meal prepping is real. Nights come late, and mornings come early.

You’re losing an hour or two of your regular sleep schedule between work, errands, and getting your kids ready for school every morning.

So, you want to cut out time in your morning routine. You know the parts of your routine that have to happen when you first wake up, like washing your face, but you’ve selected making breakfast as a chore you’d like to be able to drop.

So, can you meal prep fried eggs?

Fried eggs can be meal prepped and taste great even days after being cooked! There are just a few technical tricks you can use to preserve these eggs well.

Read on to learn how to meal prep fried eggs, how to serve them, and more.

Fried eggs on frying pan with leaves, tomatoes, and lemon

A Note About Meal Prep

With meal prep, you need foods that store well so they won’t go bad towards the end of the week.

You are passionate about healthy eating and are looking into expanding your options for healthy breakfasts. Eggs were always a go-to, but you’re hesitant about making them so far ahead of time.

Unlike fried eggs, scrambled eggs don’t store well from one day to the next.

Meal Prepping Fried Eggs: The Complete Instruction Guide

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it should be packed with protein that’ll last you through the busy morning. Fried eggs are a family favorite, and incorporating eggs into your breakfasts is important to you.

Eggs can be meal prepped up to five days in advance when refrigerated and up to a month if frozen before going bad.

An egg frozen for a month probably won’t taste the best, but still, it’s possible!

If you can meal prep your breakfasts the weekend before, then all you’ll need to do is grab breakfast out of the fridge or heat it in the microwave or air fryer for a little bit before it’s ready to go!

So, how do you successfully meal prep fried eggs?

There are just a few technical tricks you can use to preserve these eggs well.

One is for fully cooked eggs, and one for partially cooked. Just make sure that when storing eggs, especially those left a little runny, you keep them in the fridge to ensure you don’t get any illnesses from eating them.

two fried eggs with herbs on top on white plate

Fully Cooked Eggs

For fully cooked fried eggs, store them flat on a sheet or in a container where you can wrap them in plastic.

Spray or baste the eggs lightly with olive oil, then wrap them with plastic and store them in the fridge.

By spraying and wrapping them, you prevent the yolk of the eggs from drying out. When morning comes, you can reheat the eggs in the oven at 450°F for two minutes, and they’ll be good as new!

You can eat them by themselves, or in a hot breakfast sandwich of fried egg and bacon!

Slightly Uncooked Eggs

Or, you can leave the eggs slightly uncooked. When you heat them in the morning, they’ll finish cooking.

By leaving the egg runny, the yolk can marinate its flavor into the egg, making the egg much tastier the longer it sits in the fridge. Now that’s an incentive for meal prep!

Come morning, put your eggs in the microwave for 15 seconds on one side, flip, and cook once again for 15 seconds on the other side. And they’re ready to go!

Another Way to Eat Meal Prepped Fried Eggs

You can also eat your fried eggs cold if you like! Just like refrigerated hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs can give you just as much satisfaction kept cold as hot.

You can eat them plain or add them to a cold breakfast sandwich of fried egg and ham.

top view of fried egg on a frying pan with egg shells with colorful bell peppers

Why Meal Prep Eggs?

Consider This:

Perhaps you’ve constantly been losing one or two hours’ sleep for years. Work starts early, but you’ve got to be up even earlier to get ready, make breakfast, and wake your kids up.

If they don’t take the bus, you may even be the one driving them to school. Then off to work you go until the evening.

You get home in time for dinner, clean up, and maybe you have a little free time on nights when the kids don’t have sports, dance, or theatre to go to. Once the evening has turned into night, it’s time for bed.

You shower and get ready for bed, turn out the light, and enter a dreamless sleep until the next morning when you’re up before the sun once again, ready to do it all over.

I described it as pretty dreary, but it’s the reality of a busy life. Of course, I left out all of the joy you can experience from it, so it may not be so bad.

You hopefully love your job and are happy to go to it every day. You love your kids and enjoy being able to see them in the mornings and evenings before and after school. You love being able to support them in their various activities.

However, as I know very well, just because your life is filled with things you enjoy, that doesn’t take away from the fact that your life is filled. And having a life that is one drop from overflowing isn’t ideal.


fried egg with herbs, tomatoes and fork on plate  wooden table

Because then, as the burnout slowly comes and you’re more and more exhausted as the weeks go on, you begin to lose the joy you once found in your activities.

As much as you love something, if you don’t give yourself enough downtime to rest, relax, and recharge, everything is going to become a chore to you. It’s going to be one more thing, one more obstacle between you and your bed at the end of the day.

And you don’t want that!

You don’t want yourself to be losing enthusiasm for the things you love most in life! If you’re experiencing that right now, you know you’ve overbooked yourself.

You won’t be able to enjoy yourself because you’ll be too busy rushing from one thing to the next, planning what you need to do after this activity.

If you’re constantly rushing through life, trying to get everything done so you can finally have a break, you will always be rushing.

Try to slow down and enjoy where you’re at and what you’re doing. Let your day go by slowly, savoring every experience and trusting that you’ll be able to move on to the next thing later.

There’s a tricky balance between this type of living and procrastination, but once you’ve found it, it’s worth the world. You’ll once again enjoy your job, your daily activities, and spending time with your family.

You’ll find that the things you fill your life with are the things that are the most important to you, and that’s truly the goal of life.

Happiness is wanting what you already have.

Ways to Find More Time

But if you find you have no time to slow down, then there’s your issue! And we can start solving this problem from there.

  1. Think about the things that fill your life. Write down a list of daily or weekly responsibilities.
  2. Then write a list of things you enjoy that you’d want to include in your daily or weekly life.
  3. Compare your two lists, and adjust where needed to omit those unnecessary, unenjoyable tasks with ones that bring you joy.

One thing that you’ve found in your analysis is that you always have to lose some sleep waking up early to make breakfast in the mornings.

You don’t enjoy making breakfast. It makes you dread waking up and even dread going to bed because you know when you wake up, you’ll have to make breakfast again.

This is a great place to start! For each problem you find, write out possible solutions and try them out!

Experiment until you’ve found the best way to give yourself the time you need during your day to be able to enjoy the activities in your life.

An arrangement of eggs and kitchen utensils. Cooking in the kitchen. Food flat lay.

The Bottom Line

Fried eggs can be meal prepped in more ways than one. Saving time in the morning is worth it.

You’ll be more well-rested, more present, relaxed, and happy. And that’s when you’ll know your goal has been achieved.


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